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História. Assis/Franca, v.39, 2020.

Dossiê: História da Colonização em Terras Paulistas: Dinâmicas e Transformações (Séculos XVI a XX)

São Paulo and the meanings of colonization
Gonçalves, Paulo Cesar; Oliveira, Lélio Luiz de; Mont Serrath, Pablo Oller·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Farms and Sugar Mills in The Coast of São Vicente: Traces of a Forgotten Economy (16th to 18th Centuries)
Ferlini, Vera Lucia Amaral·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Agropastoral Essence in Colonial Economy: Mixed Farm In São Paulo
Arruda, José Jobson de Andrade·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Exploring the São Paulo backlands, 16th to 19th centuries
Bacellar, Carlos de Almeida Prado·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Colonization and the Sugar Economy in Campinas, 1765 to 1829
Teixeira, Paulo Eduardo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Agricultural Overview of Sao Paulo’s Capital Surroundings: Production and Land Structures in Bragança, Mogi da Cruzes and Jacareí, 1803-1829/30
Reis, Déborah Oliveira Martins dos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Expansion of the São Paulo Center-Southwest agricultural frontier in the second half of the nineteenth century: Indigenous presence and performance in lands craved for private appropriation, “an obstacle tha is hard to overcome”
Dornelles, Soraia Sales·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

System and means of transport in São Paulo based on Sérgio Buarque de Holanda’s work
Grandi, Guilherme·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Engineers and Farmers in a Railroad of Caipira Capitals: The Araraquara Railroad and The Contours of The Great Public Service Company in The First Republic
Silva, Henry Marcelo Martins; Tosi, Pedro Geraldo Saadi·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Credit and Agriculture: Rural Mortgages in Ribeirão Preto (1895-1905)
Marcondes, Renato Leite; Bertolai, Jefferson·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

What was Meant to be Silent: The African Slave Trade on The North Coast of São Paulo in Times of Piracy
Pessoa, Thiago Campos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Parts of People: The Trade in Parts of Slaves (Piracicaba, Province of São Paulo, 1861-1887)
Motta, José Flávio; Galvão, Luciana Suarez·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Economic Rationale, Transition to Free Labor, and The Political Economy of Abolition: The Strategy of Campinas (1870-1889)
Goyena Soares, Rodrigo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Colonization and Frontier: Resumo, Presence, Work and Struggles in São Paulo
Matos, Maria Izilda Santos de; Truzzi, Oswaldo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Why did Sao Paulo Grow from an Unimportant Province to one of The Most Prominent Agricultural and Industrial Regions of the World?
Ribeiro, Maria Alice Rosa· Texto completo ·

Immigrants, work and coffee
Cunha, Maisa Faleiros da· Texto completo ·

Dossiê: Memórias e Mortes de Imperadores Romanos (Séculos I-VI D.C.).

Building the Bases of an Empire: The Dichotomy between the Lives and Deaths of Marc Antony and Augustus.
José, Natália Frazão·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Heroic Divinization and Catasterisms in Virgil’s Poetry: Polysemy and Poetic Appropriations of the Caesar’s Comet/Star
Mota, Thiago Eustáquio Araújo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Spatial Dimensions between Death, Memory and Emotional Experiences: A Case Study in the Light of the Octavian Mausoleum
Omena, Luciane Munhoz de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Remembering Julio-Claudian Emperors as Patrons of Literature
Farrell, Joseph·  | Resumo · text in English · English (

The repercussion of the deaths of Germanicus and Drusus in Tiberius’ legal action according to the Annals of Tacitus.
Souza, Dominique Monge Rodrigues de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Incest and the Monster: The Construction of the Memory of Emperor Caligula
Cavicchioli, Marina Regis·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Golden Century and the “Adoption of the Best”: Considerations Regarding the Imperial Succession During the 2nd Century AD
Gaia, Deivid Valerio·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

From Humility to Strength: Images of Trajan in The Literature of the Principate
Rossi, Andrea Lúcia Dorini de Oliveira Carvalho·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

History, Memory and Death of the Roman Emperor Gordian III (III-V AD)
Silva, Érica Cristhyane Morais da·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Purple Footstool: the Captivity of Valerian as Paradigm of the Rise of the Sasanian Empire
Pinto, Otávio Luiz Vieira·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

History, Memorable Omens and the Death of the Emperor Julian in Ammianus Marcellinus’ Work (390-392 AD)
Carvalho, Margarida Maria de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The city, the emperor and the meanings of memory: the government of Valens in Antioch (371-378 AD)
Silva, Gilvan Ventura da·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Memories about Emperor Valens in the Testimonies of the Cappadocian Fathers: the Death of the Emperor and Denouncements against Arianism (4th Century AD)
Papa, Helena Amália·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Memories of Living Emperors, Funeral Orations and Prayers in Suffrage for the Deceased Princes: Ambrose of Milan and his Innovations
Testa, Rita Lizzi·  | Italian · text in Italian · Italian (

A Christian Emperor Deserves Heaven: The Building of Memories of Emperor Gratian in the Writings of Ambrose (4th Century AD)
Pohlmann, Janira Feliciano·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Theosodius, The Construction of an Exemplary Life and Death
Gervás, Manuel Rodríguez·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Memory of the Performance of the Emperor Theodosius II in the Nestorian Controversy (5th Century AD)
Figueiredo, Daniel de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

“Is the Orb’s Distinguished Father Alive or Dead?” The Death of Emperor Justinian (565), According to the Panegyric of Justin II of Corippus (566 – 568).
Frighetto, Renan·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Artigos Livres

The “Father of Christians” and the Enslaved People in Goa: Zeal and Oversight of Christianized Captives (XVIth and XVIIth centuries)
Faria, Patricia Souza de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

An archaeology of sport: the landscape of Prado Guarany (1884-1890)
Melo, Victor Andrade de; Chevitarese, André Leonardo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Edition, politics and dictatorship: Two opposition books by Editora Alfa-Omega
Maués, Flamarion·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Between Slaves and Rammed Earth: The African Way of Building in The Architecture of São Paulo
Nóbrega de Jesus, Carlos Gustavo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Authenticity, Consumption and Quilombola Recognition: From Neotribalism to The Consumer Society
Marinho, Thais Alves·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The ambiguities of Brazil in the nuclear area and the Argentine “strategic patience” (2002-2010)
Suppo, Hugo Rogelio; Gavião, Leandro·  | Resumo · text in English · English (

“Hegemony” and “Organic Intellectual” in the Early Middle Ages: Gregory I and the (re)elaboration of the vocable-concept of rector
Charrone, João Paulo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Working-through the Traumatic Violence of Repression: The Brazilian Case
Rosa, Johnny Roberto·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Yugoslav self-management: paths and dilemmas (1950-1991)
Miguel, Sinuê Neckel·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Le Cid, by Corneille, the French Classical Drama and the genesis of the Modern State
Mendonça, Carlos Eduardo Rebello de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Between the edges of the enquiry: the circulation of information in prison and the interrogation of Henri Pòmpignac, c. 1476-1477
Fernandes, Fabiano·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

“We have a Public Walkway, worthy of this advanced capital”: spaces of sociabilities in photographic records of the Paranaense Museum archives. Curitiba. 1913-1930
Molina, Ana Heloisa·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Bible and empire: Miguel Cabello Valboa’s Miscelánea Antártica (1586) and the Ophirian theory of Indian origins
Carvalho, Francismar Alex Lopes de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Phrourion: History and Archaeology of a Word
Lo Monaco, Viviana·  | Resumo · text in English · English (

Desbundando in the lead years: counterculture, artistic production and Os Novos Baianos
Diniz, Sheyla Castro·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Norbert Wierner: History, Ethics and Theory
Chaves, Viviane Hengler Corrêa; Bernardo, Cristiane Hengler Corrêa·  | Resumo · Texto completo · )

História. Assis/Franca, v.38, 2019.

Dossiê: A imprensa francófona nas Américas nos séculos XIX e XX

La Presse Francophone dans les Amériques au XIXe Siècle : état des travaux, premières considérations
Cooper-Richet, Diana· abstract in French | Resumo · text in French · French (

La presse francophone d’Amérique du Nord au XIXe siècle: jalons et périodisation
Pinson, Guillaume· abstract in French | Resumo · text in French · French (

Les almanachs francophones dans les Amériques: transferts, structures, évolutions
Lüsebrink, Hans-Jürgen· abstract in French | Resumo · text in French · French (

Francophone printed press in Brazil: transnational circulation and media culture in 19th and 20th centuries
Guimarães, Valéria dos Santos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

La Presse Francophone au Pérou au XIXe Siècle: une Histoire en pointillé
Riviale, Pascal· abstract in French | Resumo · text in French · French (

La presse française en Argentine
Oteiza Gruss, Viviane Inés· abstract in French | Resumo · text in French · French (

La presse francophone au Mexique: signes de globalisation
Santiago Gómez, Arnulfo Uriel de· abstract in French | Resumo · text in French · French (

Juan Lasserre: french immigrant and Río de la Plata journalist (1826-1850)
Moyano, Julio Eduardo·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Between neutrality and the patriotic commitment: the writings of Paul Groussac in Le Courrier de la Plata during the Great War
Sánchez, Emiliano Gastón·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Francophone immigrants in the origins of visual communication in the Argentine periodical press (1827-1870)
Ojeda, Alejandra Viviana·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Le feuilleton en tant que matrice du Patriote Français (Montevideo, 1843-1850)
Bolón, Alma· abstract in French | Resumo · text in French · French (

Criticism and sociability: the theatrical rubric of L’Écho de l’Amérique du Sud (1827-1828)
Gimenez, Priscila Renata·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Ambivalent Literature: Conceptual Challenges in The Study of Literature in Three Brazilian Francophone Newspapers (1857-1906)
Anjos, Yuri Cerqueira dos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Mariátegui, Clarté’s subscriber
Tornquist, Carmen Susana·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Geografia: une expérience éditoriale transnationale aux premiers temps de L’Université de São Paulo et de L’Associação dos Geógrafos Brasileiros
Huerta, Antoine· abstract in French | Resumo · text in French · French (

Dossiê: Relações entre Crime e Gênero: um balanço

María Josefa De La Encarnación: Possessed and Mad before the Inquisitors of Lima, 1714-1719
Urra Jaque, Natalia·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Assassins for Passion: Infanticides in Rio de Janeiro, 1841-1936
Prada Merchán, Jhoana·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Accomplices and Executioners: Masculinities, Gender and Class in the Crimes of Infanticide (province of Buenos Aires, 1886-1921)
Calandria, Sol·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Crazies and Criminals: Female Crimes and Social Control in European Colonization Communities in Rio Grande do Sul (20th century)
Vendrame, Maíra Ines·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

But what is not a woman capable of, when she knows how to unleash the passions of men, and even put the stamp of religion and piety on crime? Gender and narrative in German immigration in Rio Grande do Sul
Gevehr, Daniel Luciano; Meyrer, Marlise Regina·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Neutral Territory: Juxtaposed Sovereignties and Duels of Honor at the Margins of The South American National States from the Middle of the 19th Century to the First Decades of the 20th Century
Thompson Flores, Mariana Flores da Cunha; Remedi, José Martinho Rodrigues·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Prostitution and police: women and men in the sights of the vice squad in Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil (c. 1920/1930)
Pereira, Lucas Carvalho Soares de Aguiar·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Judges, doctors and the sick: Practices and meanings in the social construction of the crime of venereal disease contagion in Argentina during the first half of the 20th century
Biernat, Carolina·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Notes on the Status of Black Women in Post-Abolition Barbados based on a case of Femicide
Rocha, Elaine·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

On the (dis)value of Life: Feminicide and Biopolitics
Maia, Cláudia·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Ethics of Monogamy and the Spirt of Feminicide: Marxism, Patriarchy and Adultery in Ancient Rome and in Current Brazil
Azevedo, Sarah Fernandes Lino de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Women, Public Policies and Fight Against Gender Violence
Vigano, Samira de Moraes Maia; Laffin, Maria Hermínia Lage Fernandes·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Artigos Livres

“The time of the freedmen”: conflicts and Litigation around the Free Womb Law in the Rio de la Plata (1813-1860)
Candioti, Magdalena·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Writing, Lights, Nation and Empire in the texts and paratexts of 18th Century Brazilian born writers and translators
DeNipoti, Cláudio Luiz·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Olga’s struggle for her rights: immigration, health and women’s labor in Pelotas, RS (in the 1940s)
Gill, Lorena Almeida·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Pirates vs. Press Gangs: The Battle for the Atlantic
Brunsman, Denver·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Representations on the biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest in the reports of nineteenth-century travelers and scientists
Schwarz, Maria Luiza; Coelho, Ilanil·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Pan-Africanist debate in the journal Présence Africaine (1956 -1963)
Barbosa, Muryatan Santana·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

A fighter journalist: Clovis Moura, Flama and the PCB’s cultural politics (1951-1952)
Malatian, Teresa·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Between tropical Yeomanry and colonial Trobrianders: origins and debates on the historiography of Brazil’s colonial background
Lopes, Gustavo Acioli·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The reception of the work and legacy of Gandhi in colonial Portugal: between peace and war
Melo, Daniel·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Nobody teaches History… but everyone learns a little with it: a reflection on the goals of History in High School
Mello, Ricardo Marques de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

L’Iride Italiana: Italianity in the nineteenth-century Brazil
Silva, Gisele Batista da·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Railway photography and technology: analysis of the photographic record of Brazilian railway in the 19th century
Oliveira, Eduardo Romero de·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Continuity or disconnection regarding the 68 Movement and the incubation period of the far-left armed violence in Italy
Re, Matteo·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

There’s no flowers when women´s rights are disrespected: Purple Hibiscus, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Gomes, Márcia Letícia; Barbosa, Xênia de Castro·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

German immigration, ethnicity and professional identity: colonization in Joinville (Dona Francisca), province of Santa Catarina. 1851-1889
Brepohl, Marion Dias; Nadalin, Sergio Odilon·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Contributions to the Study of the First World War, 1914-1918: Memories of the Fighter Pilots
Arguelhes, Delmo de Oliveira; Avila, Carlos Federico Domínguez·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Records of an Exile: Subjectivity and Political Learning in the Travel Diary of Francisco de Paula Santander (1829-1832)
Fedrigo, Fabiana de Souza; Bittencourt, Libertad Borges·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


Novo Mundo e Modernidade: debates e estudos sobre a colonização das Américas na Idade Moderna
Sá, Charles Nascimento de· Texto completo ·


The catalogue of Queen Carlota Joaquina´s library
Sousa, Moizeis Sobreira de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

História. Assis/Franca, v.37, 2018.

Dossiê: Escravidão e liberdade na diáspora atlântica

Thinking about the Atlantic Diaspora
Silva, Lúcia Helena Oliveira; Xavier, Regina Célia Lima·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Some come from there, others from here: the Amazon in the Brazilian internal slave trade (19th century)
Laurindo Junior, Luiz Carlos; Bezerra Neto, José Maia·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Atlantic Routes: a slave trade route in the Atlantic between Pernambuco and the Costa de Mina (c.1724-c.1752)
Almeida, Suely Cordeiro de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Between the Field and the Village: devotion and sociability of slavery and liberty in the brotherhood of the Rosary of the Blacks of Taubaté – the XIX century
Barbosa Ribeiro, Fábia·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The children of slavery and the first sacrament: baptism, cronyism and slave society in the parish of Santo Antônio do Recife, Capitania of Pernambuco, at the end of the eighteenth century
Silva, Gian Carlo de Melo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Producing liberty in 19th Century Brazil
Matheus, Marcelo Santos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

A flag with the word “Freedom”: land and work at post-abolition. Mariana, Minas Gerais
Cassoli, Marileide Lázara·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Freedom and Solidarity: visions of captivity in a 17th century African trial in Bahia
Marcussi, Alexandre Almeida·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Antônio Confusão affair: a farmer and an ex-slave in the bars of Justice. For an analysis of post-abolition through the Crimes Processes of the Public and Historical Archives of Rio Claro
Henriques, Amilson Barbosa·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The “second slavery” in the Princess of the Valley (Vassouras, RJ) and in the Princess of the West (Campinas, SP), 1797-1888
Ribeiro, Maria Alice Rosa; Cunha, Maísa Faleiros da·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Neither Free, nor Slave: coartado people in legal disputes (Mariana/MG – 1750-1819)
Pinheiro, Fernanda Domingos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Filinto Justiniano Ferreira Bastos: the trajectory of an abolicionist (1879-1882)
Oliveira, Josivaldo Pires de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

This “magnanimous volition”: the Colored Men Federatio
Domingues, Petrônio·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Dossiê: Música Popular: Tradição e Experimentalismo

Tradition and experimentalism: the dance of the meanings of popular music
Fenerick, José Adriano·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The opera in Brazil’s modernizing project (Rio de Janeiro, 1889-1914)
Ferreira, Liliane Carneiro S.·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Pianos, Guitars and Batuques: paths of the artistic and folklorist invention of the black music in Paraense Amazonia (1923-1940)
Costa, Antonio Maurício D. da·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Show Opinião: when the MPB goes into on the scene (1964-1965)
Garcia, Miliandre·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The manufacture of Pernambucália in Recife (1967-1973): historical configurations of the “tropicalist movement” in Pernambuco
Brito, Fábio Leonardo Castelo Branco·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Artigos Livres

Under the gaze of the Red Cross: Brazil and the international protection of human rights (1930-1945)
Ribeiro, Mariana Cardoso dos Santos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

La territorialización del otro: espacio urbano, segregación y cuerpos infames en Rosario, Argentina
Pascual, Cecilia María· abstract in Spanish | Resumo · text in Spanish · Spanish (

“The country where it is forbidden to mention proletariat”: Bertolt Brecht´s ideas on workers and fascism
Andrade, Débora El-Jaick·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

From the province to the court: Representation and political struggle in the province of Minas Gerais benches for the 1st (1826-1829) and 2nd (1830-1833) legislatures of the Empire
Oliveira, Carlos Eduardo França de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Invention of a tradition: the role of historical sources in the debate between Afrocentrists and their critics
Bussotti, Luca; Nhaueleque, Laura António·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Researches on migrations and ethnicity: learning about collective identities
Weber, Regina·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Magazine Notes for the work Social: A look to them women intellectuals of the NGO and the generation of knowledge on it popular-feminine in Chile, 1980-1989
Barahona, Cristina Moyano; Pacheco, Valentina·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

The Hegemony of the margins: the work of Jacques Le Goff at the beginning of the 21th Century
Castanho, Gabriel de Carvalho Godoy·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Commercial House of João da Costa Soares in Recife: merchant institutions and overseas merchants in the eighteenth century
Dias, Thiago Alves·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The feathered serpents of Chichén Itzá, Mexico, and the stages of construction of the Great Terrace
Navarro, Alexandre Guida·  | Resumo · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Reason of state and colonization: some conceptual and historiographical issues
Silveira, Marco Antonio·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

“Dollar Heart”: the Espírito Santo’s Bank Employees Union on the trail of the Basic Reforms (1953-1964)
Pereira, André Ricardo Valle Vasco·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The hermit Manuel Correa, the Church of Our Lady of Desterro and the religious field of Rio de Janeiro in the colonial period
Martins, William de Souza·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Doctor Thomas and tropical medicine in Amazonia in the beginning of the XXth century
Benchimol, Jaime Larry·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

The abdication of Vetranio (AD 350) and the remains of the Tetrarchic model
Antiqueira, Moisés·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Historical patrimonial study and three-dimensional restitution of the Tolima soft drink factory (1945-2016)
Alvarez, Mailen; Francel, Andrés·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (


Sambas e bambas sem o breque do Estado Novo
Busetto, Áureo· Texto completo ·


Texto completo ·

História. Assis/Franca, v.36, 2017.


O passado esquecido e o presente trágico
Barreiro, José Carlos; Ferreira, Ricardo Alexandre· Texto completo ·

DOSSIÊ: “Movimentos migratórios no mundo Atlântico, séculos XIX e XX”

BETWEEN COMPLAINT AND PROPOSITIONS. A look at the white slave trade and migration sidelines from time works
MENEZES, Lená Medeiros de·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

City and immigration: the de Santo Antônio neighborhood and galegos in cariocas streets (1880-1930)
SARMIENTO, Érica; AZEVEDO, André Nunes de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Female voices in the antissalazarista resistance: involvement of Resumo and Brazilian women (São Paulo, 1950-1970)
MATOS, Maria Izilda Santos de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

FRA STORIA, MICROSTORIA E DISCUSSIONI IN RETE. La Grande Guerra degli Immigranti “Americani” (1914-1918)
FRANZINA, Emilio·  | Italian · text in Italian · Italian (

The Crossing of Italian “historical” migration between lived experience and narration
MOLINARI, Augusta·  | Italian · text in Italian · Italian (

THE REPRESENTATION OF BASQUE IMMIGRATION IN AMERICAN CINEMA: Wild is the Wind (1959) or the Quest for Elucidating What a Basque Is
ALVAREZ-GILA, Oscar·  | Spanish · text in English · English (

Sociabilities in conflict. The impact of the Spanish Civil War from an associative point of view. Rosario, Argentina.
FERNÁNDEZ, Sandra·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

The Crossing of Italian “historical” migration between lived experience and narration
MOLINARI, Augusta·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

DOSSIÊ: “Livros, bibliotecas e intelectuais no mundo ibero-americano (séculos XVI ao XX)”

“French Protection”: the luso-brazilian press in the defense of the Resumo Empire (1808-1811)
Barra, Sérgio Hamilton da Silva·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The inspectors of good taste: the notion of good poetry in Portugal in the 18th Century in the view of poets themselves
Furtado, Joaci Pereira·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Seizures among the Participants of the Inconfidência Mineira as a Source for Research on the History of Books and Libraries (1789)
Rodrigues, André Figueiredo·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

The “book hunger” of a Resumo researcher dialoguing with Brazil: the library and the editorial exchanges of Joaquim de Carvalho (1928-1958)
Dias, Débora·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Reading and Sociability in Female: Paula de Sequeira in the sixteenth-century Brazil
Braga, Isabel Drumond·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

From religious books to novel: the large and select library of the Princess of Brazil, D. Maria Francisca Benedita (1746-1829)
SOUSA, Moizeis Sobreira de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Ramiz Galvão and the idea of library as a mirror of the nation. European models and cultural exchange in the modernization process of the National Library
Caldeira, Ana Paula Sampaio·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The construction of differences: Silva Alvarenga (1749-1814) and the limits of his condition as Your Majesty´s faithful vassal
Tuna, Gustavo Henrique·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Jamaica Letter and its intellectual genealogy
Reza, Germán A. de la·  | Resumo · text in English · English (

“Erasmo Brasílico”: The Appropriation of Erasmian Humanism by Jesuit Catechesis in Resumo America (1549-1563)
Rodrigues, Rui Luis·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The counterrevolutionaries of 1817 and their appropriations of history: “The dangers of Revolutions”
Villalta, Luiz Carlos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Books and texts of the Bishop of Puebla, Manuel Fernández de Santa Cruz
RUEDA, Pedro·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

MECENAS, Ane·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Practices and social actors in the book market in the New Granada
HERNANDÉZ., Alfonso Rubio·  | Spanish | Resumo · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Periodicals released by publishers: the example of Boletim de Ariel (1931-1939)
LUCA., Tania Regina de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Artigos Livres

Property rights of urban land in Resumo America: the case of the São Paulo town in colonial period
Ribeiro, Fernando Victor Aguiar·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Intellectuals Conservatives and the struggle for power: Le Bon, Sorel, Action Française and Integralismo Lusitano
Cazetta, Felipe·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

João Goulart and the Top Leadership of Brazil’s Labor Movement: the Case of the National Confederations of Workers (1961-1964)
Loureiro, Felipe Pereira·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The architecture in/of the book during the Late Antiquity: the ornamentation of the first latin christian codices
Pereira, Maria Cristina Correia L.·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The role of Aero Club of Brazil in the construction of a national brazilian aviation policy (1911-1972)
Fay, Claudia Musa; Fontes, Rejane de Souza·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

A trip in days of storms: the trip of the Count d’Eu to the provinces of the old North of Brazil
Santos, Magno Francisco de Jesus·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Crossed histories: a prosopography of the founders of Brasiliense Review (São Paulo, 1955)
Montalvão, Sérgio de Sousa·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Legenda Beati Petri Gundisalvi: reflections on the relationship between the Order of Preachers, the Diocese of Tui and the hagiographic writing
Silva, Andreia Cristina Lopes Frazão da·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

History, memories and current scenario of intensification of teaching in the state basic education: Research notes
OLIVEIRA, Mariana Esteves de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Spain on Resumo Commercial Diplomacy during the second half of Nineteenth Century and the Treaty of Commerce and Navigation of 1893
NUNES, Teresa·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Industrialization through progress in Brazilian History textbooks, 1972-2012
CARVALHO, Ely Bergo de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Memories and rights in Resumo immigration in Brazil of the 20th century
GRANGEIA, Mario Luis·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Migration and indentured labor in nineteenth century
SANTOS, Marco Aurélio dos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Territorialities of The São Paulo West: transformations and interpretations
LOSNAK, Célio José·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The mirage of national fuel: trees, sugar and the ground construction of alternative fuels in the First Government Vargas
MEIRA, Roberta BARROS; CARELLI, Mariluci NEIS·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

“In this Trade, No Places are Held:” Involvement of Resumo slave traders in the slave trade between Africa and Brazil (1818-1828)
Rodrigues, Jaime·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Between life and death of workers: inequality and differentiation images Curt process and narratives of social experience in Western Paraná (aspect of maintained relations in sawmills, potteries and fridges industry by mid-twentieth century)
FREITAS, Sheille Soares de; SANTOS, Carlos Meneses de Sousa·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


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CARVALHO, Margarida Maria de· Texto completo ·


Rumour, Crises and Political Opportunities in Late Antiquity
MAGALHÃES DE OLIVEIRA, Julio Cesar·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The barbarian as a discursive tool in the thought of Augustine of Hippo during the fall of Rome in 410 in the contextc of the conflict between Christians and pagans intellectuals
GÓMEZ ASO, GRACIELA·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Vikings in the west of al-Andalus. Some topics surrounding the impact of their arrival at the coast near the Tagus
CORREIA, Fernando Branco·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

DRAKE, Harold·  | Resumo · text in English · English (

Considerations about death and memory of the Emperor Julian in the testimonies of Libanius and Ammianus Marcellinus. (Fourth Century A.D.)
OMENA, Luciane Munhoz de; CARVALHO, Margarida Maria de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

HADRIAN THE TRAVELER: Motifs and Expressions of Roman Imperial Power in the Vita Hadriani
GREY, Cam·  | Resumo · text in English · English (

The circle of Symmachus: agreements and disagreements between its members
BOCH, Viviana·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Christianity, power and space in Late Antiquity: the episkopeion as an expression of the episcopal power
SILVA, Érica Cristhyane Morais da·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Funerary rites and rapports of sociability at Antioch: some remarks on the Banquet of Mnemosyne Mosaic
SILVA, Gilvan Ventura da·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Imperium to the Regnum in late antiquity the example of Hispano-visigothic kingdom of Toledo (VI-VII centuries)
FRIGHETTO, Renan·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Power relationship between Bishop and the Emperor: an interpretative proposal about official recognition of Christianity by Gregory of Nyssa and Theodosius I (4th century AD)
PAPA, Helena Amália·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Considerations about imaginary, representations of the Evil and its evolution from the Roman Classical Antiquity to Late Antiquity
ESTEVES, Germano Miguel Favaro·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Artigos Livres

“Indigenous Land”: historical aspects of construction and application of a legal concept
Cavalcante, Thiago Leandro Vieira·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Commerce, industry and regional projection of the nineteenth-century Diamantina: the fragilities of the “North Great Emporium”
Martins, Marcos Lobato·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The British and their Empire: debates and new historiographic fields of the victorian age
Passetti, Gabriel·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

British abolitionism and trade in enslaved children to Brazil, 1810-1850
VALENCIA VILLA, Carlos; FLORENTINO, Manolo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Oblivion and memories of a communication assembly. An approach to the underground memories of former members of the Revolutionary Left Movement in Chile
RUIZ, María Olga·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Public uses of dictatorial pasts: Visualizations in Germany
SVAMPA, M. Lucila·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

JUSTIFYING NOBILITIES: Old and new colonial elites 1750-1807
RAMINELLI, Ronald·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Printed negotiations: the trade press and the working class leisure in Rio de Janeiro of the First Republic
Pereira, Leonardo Affonso de Miranda·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The establishment of Exclusive Metropolitan Trade and the formation of the Old Colonial System in Brazil
RICUPERO, Rodrigo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

THE TRANSLATOR OF THE ABOMINABLE PRINCIPLES: José Pedro de Azevedo Sousa da Câmara and the circulation of written works of Voltaire in Portugal and Brazil (1790-1834)
IGLESIAS, Pablo MAGALHÃES·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Trade and bookish sociability: the Rio de Janeiro British Subscription Library, 1826-1890
SCHAPOCHNIK, Nelson·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Without Argument: an almost fogotten intelectual project (Argumento Review, Brasil, 1973)
VIEIRA, Beatriz de Moraes·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The meanings of queremismo: political debates on the concept during the redemocratization of 1945
QUELER, Jefferson José·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Changes in the sociability and leisure patterns: The ball game in Rio de Janeiro (18th and 19th centuries)
MELO, Victor Andrade de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Mikhail Bulgakov and Yeshua Ha-Notzri – evidence of the first quest for “historical Jesus” in soviet literature
ZHEBIT, Alexander; CHEVITARESE, André Leonardo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Welcome neighbor: the travel of Heitor Praguer Fróes by the United States and the reconstruction of the campaign against yellow fever in the Americas (1943-1947)
MAIO, Marcos Chor; MAGALHÃES, Rodrigo Cesar da Silva·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


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Barreiro, José Carlos; Ferreira, Ricardo Alexandre· Texto completo ·

Entrevista com Stanley Stein
GRINBERG, Keila; MUAZE, Mariana; SALLES, Ricardo· Texto completo ·

Dossiê: A escravidão e os novos mundos

Civil Society and Paths to Abolition
DRESCHER, Seymour·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

And the plantations went up in smoke: aristocracy (nobreza da terra), Ancien Regime and slavery
FRAGOSO, João·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The origins of Brazil and Java: compulsory labor and the reconfiguration of the coffee world economy in the Age of Revolutions, c.1760-1840
MARQUESE, Rafael de Bivar·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Atlantic circulation: age, work time and functions of slaves and freedmen in the Luso-Brazilian merchant navy, 18th and 19th centuries
RODRIGUES, Jaime·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

A audacious solution in eighteenth century for slavery in Brazil
WEHLING, Arno·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Inequalities polysemy in the Book V of the Philippine Ordinances: the integrated slave.
FERREIRA, Ricardo Alexandre·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Rights of African-Born Freedpersons in Nineteenth-Century Brazil: Between Legal Reasons and Political Considerations
MAMIGONIAN, Beatriz Gallotti·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Slavery prescription and “oppressed freedom” in nineteenth century Brazil
CAMPOS, Adriana Pereira·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Utopia, Liberalismo e Escravidão: Henri-Auguste Milet e a “reforma social” para a crise da indústria açucareira no Brasil (1840-1880)
MARSON, Izabel Andrade·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Artigos Livres

The Life of the Jura Fathers and the subsistence of the monks of Condat
FIGUINHA, Matheus Coutinho·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

In the gist of medieval epistolography: epistolary typology and policy in Peter Damian’s correspondence (1040-1072)
BOVO, Cláudia Regina·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Imago Mundi: the travel instructions as an education of the eye and revelation of the world, Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries
TORRÃO FILHO, Amilcar·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Workers party: recreative associations and construction of identities
MELLO, Juçara da Silva Barbosa de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Routes and mishaps: Operational Deficits, Balance Sheet and Goods of the Estrada de Ferro Vitoria a Minas at times of crisis (1902-1942)
FALEIROS, Rogério Naques·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Digging, criticize and document: multiple aspects of film production in São Paulo in the years 1920-1940
SANTOS, Márcia Juliana·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


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Barreiro, José Carlos; Ferreira, Ricardo Alexandre· Texto completo ·


Entrevista com a historiadora Adeline Rucquoi
França, Susani Silveira Lemos; Teodoro, Leandro Alves· Texto completo ·

Dossiê: Escritos e Imagens do Mundo Luso-Brasileiro (séculos XIII-XVIII

Writing in the urban world
Coelho, Maria Helena da Cruz·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

The Regulation of the Royal Higher Court of Appeals. The first regulatory instrument of justice in Portugal
Mendonça, Manuela·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Justice in Everyday Life: The Magistrates of the Kingdom
Ventura, Margarida Garcez·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

The domus infirmorum of the monastery of Santa Cruz de Coimbra and the charity of the São Nicolau Hospital (Portugal, 12th-13th Centuries)
Santos, Dulce O. Amarante dos·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

From one “forger” to another, from tall travel tales to a credible legacy (15th Century)
França, Susani Silveira Lemos·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Writing and its Functions in Sixteenth Century Jesuit Missions in Brazil
Santos, João Marinho dos·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

From the sentence of Atouguia (1307) to the rule of Sousa Thomas for Brazil (1548): similarities and differences in the relations between the royal power and the feudal system in Portugal
Martins, Armando·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Tiles of Mercy: an image document of the history of Luso-Brazilian religious culture
Ribeiro, Maria Eurydice de Barros·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Artigos Livres

Legacies of conscience: strategies to rid the soul of the “fire of Purgatory”
Mathias, Carlos Leonardo Kelmer·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Italian press in São Paulo and the fascism: the Fanfulla (1921-1942)
Malatian, Teresa·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Almir de Andrade: an intellectual profile
Paiva, Valéria·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Yielding the “Caboclo Music”: the polyphonic creation of Carimbó through the accounts of writers, newsmen and folklorists in the Pará State (1900-1960)
Costa, Antonio Maurício Dias da·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The political reflections on the 1964’s political coup in Paraná and in the elections of 1965
Batistella, Alessandro·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Free livestock breeding in Santa Catarina’s mixed ombrophylous forest: landscape and common use of land
Brandt, Marlon·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Reform of public education in the 1920s: the case of the government Sergipe Graccho Cardoso (1922-26)
Azevedo, Crislane Barbosa·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


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Beired, José Luis Bendicho; França, Jean Marcel Carvalho· Texto completo ·

Dossiê: O Conflito Israelo-Palestino: História, Memória e Identidades

Under the banner of the Oslo Accords: diverse perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
MAIO, Marcos Chor·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Geopolitics and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict: from the Oslo Accords to the Arab Spring
ABU-EL-HAJ, Jawdat·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

“Sometimes we are all Palestinians”: The political use of the Palestine Question by Arab leaders at the second half of the XX century
MEIHY, Murilo Sebe Bon·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Geopolitics and culture: the trajectory of Israel
SORJ, Bernardo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Israel: the upcoming crisis
DEMANT, Peter·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Between the Nakba and the Shoah: disasters and national narratives
GHERMAN, Michel·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict seen by the local cinema
SOCHACZEWSKI, Monique·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The place of Israel and Palestine in the Brazilian foreign policy: anti-Semitism, majority vote or promoter of peace?
CASARÕES, Guilherme; VIGEVANI, Tullo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The foreign policy of Lula’s government regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
SANTOS, Norma BREDA DOS·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Can there be racism in the left-wing? A case study
MORAES, Luís Edmundo de Souza·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Artigos Livres

The Resumo “New State” and the reform of the colonial State in Angola: the political behavior of the white elites (1961-1962)
PIMENTA, Fernando Tavares·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The construction of Republican State and the “work crisis” at the National Constituent Assembly (1911)
NUNES, Teresa·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Portrait of female migrants: socioeconomic profile and the trajectories of Madeiran immigrants in the state of São Paulo, 1886-1899
FREITAS, Nelly de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Rumors and Politics in Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais at the end of the First Empire
PANDOLFI, Fernanda Cláudia·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Federalism and centralism in the origins of contemporary Colombia
PAREDES, Carlos Sixirei·  | Spanish | Resumo · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Visions from inside. The Cuban insurrection by the Diario de la Marina and Bohemia (1956-1958)
GONZÁLEZ, Patricia Calvo·  | Spanish | Resumo · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Worth seeing again – organization and access to television archives in France, Great Britain and Brazil
BUSETTO, Áureo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Brazilians informatics beginnings: the “São Paulo period” through the lens of the press
PEREIRA, Lucas de Almeida·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

In Fawcett’s trail: the shift of João de Minas towards popular literature of adventure in the 1930s
ALMEIDA, Leandro Antonio de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Lina Cavalieri, muse of the Belle Epoque: representations of feminineness in postcards
STANCIK, Marco Antonio·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Derision and cynical irony in the contemporary humor: the limits between politically incorrect and incorrectly political
PIRES, Maria da Conceição Francisca·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Historiophoty, tropology and history: beyond of the concepts of image in the writings of Hayden White
SANTIAGO JÚNIOR, Francisco das C. F.·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The work of the Indians in a “land far devoid of slaves”: Indigenous policies and Indian policies in the former Captaincy of Porto Seguro (1763-1808)
CANCELA, Francisco·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Supplying plantations: The insertion of dried beef produced in Pelotas (RS) in the meat atlantic trade and its competition with producers from River Plate (nineteenth century)
VARGAS, Jonas Moreira·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

When historical consciousness is the organizational consciousness: political training and teaching of History within the MST
PERLI, Fernando·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


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GONÇALVES, Marcos· Texto completo ·

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text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Dossiê: Biografias, Memórias e Trajetórias

Portrait and biography: Lisboa / Rio de Janeiro. From 1770 to 1820
Schiavinatto, Iara Lis·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Sigaud, the worker of painting
Meneguello, Cristina·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Exile: one history in three dimensions
Paulo, Heloisa·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Antonio de Spinola in exile: the stay in Brazil
Rodrigues, Luís Nuno·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Biographical research among immigrants in Portugal: collaborative research and the analytical relevance of personal accounts
Lechner, Elsa·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Evita Perón and “Che” Guevara: From history to literary construction of biographical myths
Badano, Cecilia López·  | Spanish | Resumo · text in Spanish · Spanish (

When the historian spies through the keyhole: biography and ethics
Schmidt, Benito Bisso·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Artigos Livres

Men of letters and men of law at the service of the Resumo monarchy (12th-13th Centuries)
Norte, Armando·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

“At his own expense for the King’s Service”: officials, settlers, and the defense of the border in the extreme west of Resumo America, c. 1750-1800
Carvalho, Francismar Alex Lopes de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Ipiranga’s Lottery and the workers: a dream of freedom in the late nineteenth century
Loner, Beatriz Ana·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Hostels of Immigrants in the Americas: the creation of the Hostel of Flowers´ Island
Reznik, Luís; Fernandes, Rui Aniceto Nascimento·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Catholic Church in Chile and the project of the Good Press: The experience in the Archdiocese of Santiago, 1906-1936
Loyola, Manuel·  | Spanish | Resumo · text in Spanish · Spanish (

The military coup in Chile and the international politics (1973): an interpretation essay
Ávila, Carlos Federico Domínguez·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

“Islam” as the national identity for the formation of Pakistan: the political thought of Muhammad Iqbal and Abu’l ‘Ala Mawdudi
Mohomed, Carimo·  | Resumo · text in English · English (


Autobiographical texts as historiographical sources: rereading Fernand Braudel and Annie Kriegel
Aurell, Jaume· Texto completo ·


Imagem e reflexo: religiosidade e Monarquia no Reino Visigodo de Toledo (séculos VI-VIII)
Esteves, Germano Miguel Favaro· Texto completo ·

História. Assis/Franca, v.32, n.2, July/Dec. 2013.


text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Dossiê: Meio Ambiente, Museus e Patrimônio

Tropical Scheherazade: narratives and dialogues of the Brazilian environmental history
Duarte, Regina Horta·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

The concept of biodiversity and the history of conservation biology: from wilderness preservation to biodiversity conservation
Franco, José Luiz de Andrade·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Nature and economic progress on the Northwest region of São Paulo (1910-1920)
Mahl, Marcelo Lapuente·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Preserve and protect in a science museum
Mantovani, Marta Silvia Maria; Glezer, Raquel; Massabki, Paulo Henrique Bernardelli·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Museum intervention on urban space: history, culture and citizenship at “Lagoa do Nado” Park
Garcia, Luiz Henrique Assis·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Artigos Livres

Brazil and the Germanic world in medicine and public health (1850-1918): a bird’s eye view of its history
Benchimol, Jaime L.·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Distribution and concentration of wealth based on post mortem inventories in cases of negative net worth
Valentin, Agnaldo; Motta, José Flávio; Costa, Iraci del Nero da·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

An adequate fun?: Bullfighting in the 19th century Rio de Janeiro (1870-1884)
Melo, Victor Andrade de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The institutional mechanisms of 1937’s dictatorship: an analysis of the contradictions on the Federal Interventorship regime
Codato, Adriano·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The pilgrimage of the soul in the Scivias of Hildegard of Bingen: creation, fall, redemption and salvation
Oliveira, Maria Carmen Gomes Martiniano de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


Varnhagen no caleidoscópio
França, Jean Marcel Carvalho· Texto completo ·

Mitos do Estado arcaico: evolução dos primeiros Estados, cidades e civilizações
Rocha, Ivan Esperança· Texto completo ·

Paisagens sobrepostas: índios, posseiros e fazendeiros nas matas de Itapeva (1723-1930)
Colacios, Roger Domenech· Texto completo ·

O discurso da natureza: ecologia e política na América Latina
Peres, Jackson Alexsandro· Texto completo ·

História Ambiental: fronteiras, recursos naturais e conservação da natureza
Silveira, Tissiano da· Texto completo ·

História. Assis/Franca, v.32, n.1, Jan./June 2013.


Texto completo ·

Dossiê: Deslocamentos Culturais

Interview with historian Michel Balard – Université Panthéon – Sorbonne (Paris 1) – France
França, Susani Silveira Lemos· text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Report of João Carvalho Mascarenhas, a Resumo soldier displaced through the world
Ventura, Margarida Garcez; Varandas, José·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

This voyage is as good as any Peru-voyage. The Minion of London in Brasil (1581)
Hue, Sheila Moura·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Jaga, Cannibalism and the “Guerra Preta”: the Mbangalas, between the european myth and the social realities of the Central Africa in the XVII century
Macedo, José Rivair·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

The Works of Belles Lettres in Jean Baptiste Bompard’s Bookshop (1824-1828)
Neves, Lucia Maria Bastos P.·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Gauchos, gauchesco genre and policies of the language in the River Plate. From Luis Pérez’s popular gazettes to the rhetoric of the romantic occlusion
Pas, Hernán·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Gaze game: Indians and Africans in the 19th Century sculpture between France and Brazil
Knauss, Paulo·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Seeing and telling – Essay on the biographical genre in Varnhagen
Cezar, Temístocles; Santos, Evandro·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Latin American essays: “national character” and the construction of stereotypes
Capelato, Maria Helena Rolim·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Portugal and the Luso-Atlantic World in the Age of Revolutions
Paquette, Gabriel·  | Resumo · text in English · English (

La figure du passeur dans l’histoire de la diffusion transnationale de la théorie des Cultural Studies (années 1990)
Cooper-Richet, Diana· text in French · French (

Artigos Livres

Visions of the New World in Renaissance religious painting
Chicangana-Bayona, Yobenj Aucardo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Virtuous, Prudent and Dissimulated Hero: The Courtesan as Male Ideal in Iberian Courts of XVIth and XVIIth centuries
Silva, Kalina Vanderlei·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

“Glory of God, in the service of the King and the good of the Republic”: the nuns’monastery of Saint Monica in Goa and the Oriental christianity in the augustinian writting of fr. Diogo de Santa Anna in the 1630’s
Gonçalves, Margareth de Almeida·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Building Lives un Diaspora. The Africans in the city of Desterro, Island. Oj Santa Catarina (19th Century)
Malavota, Claudia Mortari·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Interests involved in the voyage, the writing and the publishing of a travel writing. Argentina, Chile and New Zealand compared by the British commander Robert FitzRoy during the 1830’s
Passetti, Gabriel·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Inventaries of desire
Roldán, Diego P.·  | Spanish | Resumo · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Florianópolis 1889/1930: strategies for simultaneous production of hegemonic and subordinate masculinities
Machado, Vanderlei; Seffner, Fernando·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

João Ribeiro’s Biographical Traces or João’s Many Faces
Rodrigues, Rogério Rosa·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The diplomacy of professorships: German cultural foreign policy and higher education in São Paulo: the cases of the University of São Paulo and Escola Paulista de Medicina (1934-1942)
Silva, André Felipe Cândido da·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


REDIKER, Marcus. O navio negreiro: uma história humana
Barreiro, José Carlos· Texto completo ·

PAQUETTE, Gabriel. Imperial Portugal in the age of atlantic revolutions: the luso-brazilian world, c. 1770-1850
Moura, Denise Aparecida Soares de· Texto completo ·

BENITES, Tonico. A escola na ótica dos Ava Kaiowá: impactos e interpretações indígenas
Zimmermann, Tânia Regina· Texto completo ·

ANTONIL, André João. Brazil at the Dawn of the Eighteenth Century
Viotti, Ana Carolina de Carvalho· Texto completo ·

MARSON, Izabel Andrade; OLIVEIRA, Cecília Helena L. de Salles (orgs.). Monarquia, Liberalismo e Negócios no Brasil: 1780-1860
Pereira, Milena da Silveira· Texto completo ·

História. Assis/Franca, v.31, n.2, July/Dec. 2012.

Texto completo ·

Dossiê: Imagens dos Novos Mundos na Cultura Ocidental

Interview with the historian Timothy J. Coates – College of Charleston – USA
Ferreira, Ricardo Alexandre· text in English · English (

The Indians from Brazil between the Reason of State and the Natural Law: the contributions of André Thévet and Jean de Léry
Wehling, Arno·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

A composite typology of imperial knowledge
Curto, Diogo Ramada· text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Ilustration and colonial empire
Raminelli, Ronald·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

In eighteenth-century Bahia, a pioneer of abolitionism?
Fr. Hugo Fragoso, OFM·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Explanatory models from the called colonial economy and the idea of multi-continental monarchy: an essay notes
Fragoso, João· abstract in Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

The English’ search through Niger River course: from the geographical problem to potential possession
Gebara, Alexsander Lemos de Almeida·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

The séjour of D. Pedro I in Paris and the French press: familiarity and exoticism
Lustosa, Isabel·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Artigos Livres

Isaiah and Jeremiah: the prophets of Isidore of Seville in Sentencías
Castro, Dolores·  | Spanish | Resumo · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Francisco Ferreira Saturnino Braga: negócios e fortuna em Campos dos Goytacazes
Pereira, Walter Luiz Carneiro de Mattos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Zeferino Ribamar das Mercês: arevolutionaryversionof the actor in theBrazilian military dictatorship
Pires, Maria da Conceição Francisca·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Men in the Nationalist Imaginary: images of Masculinity in Right-wing Nationalistic Argentine Periodicals During the Long Decade of the Sixties (1956-1969)
Galván, María Valeria·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Modernism, historiography and intellectual sociability: notes on the fifth volume of the Brazilian Historical Library Collection (1931-1940)
Silva, Rafael Pereira da·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The demands of the Agriculture: the definition of a priority program for the sugar industry in the First National Congress of Agriculture
Meira, Roberta Barros·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


La República en Guerra: Contra Franco, Hitler, Mussolini y la hostilidad britânica
Avila, Carlos Federico Domínguez· Texto completo

História. Assis/Franca, v.31, n.1, Jan./June, 2012.

Homenagem ao professor Manoel Lelo Bellotto
Texto completo ·

Texto completo ·

Dossiê: Representações do Masculino na História

Imperial madness in ancient Rome
Winterling, Aloys·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Classics military models’ representations into the Resumo medieval king
Ventura, Margarida Garcez; Varandas, José; Araújo, Inês Meira·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Approaches to monastic medicine in Middle Ages’ Portugal
Santos, Dulce O. Amarante dos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Celestial flowers: José da Silva Lisboa’s secret book, viscount of Cairú?
Magalhães, Pablo Antonio Iglesias·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The imaginary about the military in French postcards (1900-1918)
Stancik, Marco Antonio·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The purity of the samurai: history and politics in Yukio Mishima’s thought
Mohomed, Carimo·  | Resumo | Spanish · Texto completo ·

“Being decesead in shaykh’s hands”: Sufism and the masculinity productions in a sufi damascene network
Chagas, Gisele Fonseca·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Artigos Livres

Memory and forgetfulness: narrative about the roman emperor and senate
Omena, Luciane Munhoz de; Funari, Pedro Paulo A.·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The american world in the english written production: XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries
Lima, Lílian Martins de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Rio de Janeiro: a court defalcated from “the best soldiers and officers” (XVII-XVIIIth centuries)
Mello, Christiane Figueiredo Pagano de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Paulistas’ cultural experiences of Resumo – Brazilian enlightenment
Leme, Marisa Saenz·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

An unforgiving disease: the tuberculosis and its therapeutic in South Brazil and Italy, at the end of 19th century and beginning of 20th century
Gill, Lorena Almeida·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Log books of an engineer: work, culture and education in the South of Mato Grosso (1922-1930)
Centeno, Carla Villamaina·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Catholicism and feminine work: an approximation from the Buenos Aires South West Region Press at the beginning of the XXth Century
Bracamonte, Lucía·  | Resumo | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The press apostolate: the salesian Bernardo Gentilini atuaction
Tapia, Manuel Loyola·  | Resumo | Spanish · Texto completo ·

Homophily and homosexualities: cultural receptions and continuities
Rodrigues, Rita de Cássia Colaço·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Targeting the past: autonomy and protection at NPT Review Conferences (2000-2010)
Jesus, Diego Santos Vieira de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


Guerras e Escritas: a correspondência de Simón Bolívar (1799-1830)
Dulci, Tereza Maria Spyer· Texto completo ·

Os baluartes da tradição: o conservadorismo católico brasileiro no Concílio Vaticano II
Gonçalves, Marcos· Texto completo ·

História. Assis/Franca, v.30, n.2, Dec. 2011.

Silva, Zélia Lopes da; Silva, Marcia Pereira da· Texto completo ·

Dossiê: História da Leitura e do Livro

The young Nietzsche, a reader of Wagner
Sochodolak, Hélio·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Books come – books go: exchanges among a community of readers in the correspondence of Capistrano de Abreu and Joao Lucio de Azevedo (1916-1927)
Batista, Paula Virgínia Pinheiro·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Authors, editors, readers: What do children’s civic books of the Brazilian First Republic say about them?
Hansen, Patrícia Santos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

From the hands of the author to the eyes of the reader. A study on school books: “Pedrinho”- A Series of Guided Reading by Lourenço Filho (1950/1970)
Cunha, Maria Teresa Santos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Textbooks from the early 20th century in Sergipe: institutional teaching material for school groups
Azevedo, Crislane Barbosa·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Teacher manuals for History education and the constitution of the Brazilian History disciplinary code: 1935-1952
Schmidt, Maria Auxiliadora Moreira dos Santos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Republican Readings: production and dissemination of Brazilian Constitutional Law books during the First Republic
Pivatto, Priscila Maddalozzo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Influence and counter-influence in the inversion of the publishing power between Portugal and Brazil: narrative and activity of Resumo publishers
Medeiros, Nuno Miguel Ribeiro de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The book “Direitos das mulheres e injustiça dos homens” (Women’s Rights and Men’s Injustice) by Nísia Floresta: literature, women and 19th century Brazil
Campoi, Isabela Candeloro·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The art of storytelling: the arangement of the collection Contos Flumineses by Machado de Assis
Silveira, Daniela Magalhães da·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

“The morning”: the Republic on the pages of the illustrated periodical, O Mequetrefe, 1875-1889
Lopes, Aristeu Elisandro Machado·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


Reverse heroism: the “antipopes” and the historiographical memory of papal policy (1040-1130)
Rust, Leandro Duarte·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

“Catholic, from the bottom of the heart!” One Wild Geese at Santo Ofício of Lisbon
Magalhães, Pablo Antônio Iglesias; Gabrielli, Cassiana Maria Mingotti·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Foreign Immigration to Sergipe (1875 – 1930)
Ennes, Marcelo Alario·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

A possible imperialism: migratory flows and colonialist strategies in Mediterranean Europe (1870-1914)
Gonçalves, Paulo Cesar·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Modern agriculture in Sao Paulo in the late 19th century: some proposals
Henriques, Amilson Barbosa·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Contributions of historical demography toward the understanding of geographic and socioeconomic mobility: an approach to the theme
Costa, Iraci del Nero da·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Popular culture: the construction of a concept of historiographic production
Domingues, Petrônio·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


De nova Lisboa a Brasília: a invenção de uma capital (séculos XIX-XX)
Torrão Filho, Amilcar· Texto completo ·

A arquitetura da alteridade: a cidade Luso-Brasileira na literatura de viagem (1783-1845)
Gama, Luciana· Texto completo ·

História. Assis/Franca, v.30, n.1, Jan./June 2011.


Texto completo ·

Dossiê: Capitais sonhadas, capitais abandonadas

Dreamed capitals, abandonned capitals Considerations on the mobility of capitals in Americas (XVIIIth – XXth century)
Vidal, Laurent·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The city of Rio de Janeiro and the dream of an american capital: from the vision of D. Luis da Cunha to the headquarters of the viceroyalty (1736-1763)
Bicalho, Maria Fernanda·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Campos: the dreamed capital of a desired province. (1835 – 1897)
Chrysostomo, Maria Isabel de Jesus·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Teresina: dreamed capital of Brazil in the nineteenth-century
Gandara, Gercinair Silvério·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Urban sensibilities and representations in the transfer of the capital of Minas Gerais
Julião, Letícia·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The seashore overthrown: or the notorious São Vicente defeated by the Rochela paulista. The statement of São Paulo as head of the captaincy (1681-1766)
Torrão Filho, Amilcar·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Salvador, dethroned queen? (1763-1823)
Vasconcelos, Pedro de Almeida·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The perception of change: the records in the city of Goiás
Oliveira, Adriana Mara Vaz de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The movements of capitals in the american west (XIXth century)
Villerbu, Tangi·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The signature of the city: abandonment and dreaming in colonial Williamsburg and Ottawa
Kristmanson, Mark·  | Resumo · text in English · English (

São Luís, capital city of Maranhão
Martinière, Guy·  | French | Resumo · text in French · French (


Remembering the Children of Onontio: Richard White, The Middle Ground and the writing of the history of Colonial North America
Avila, Arthur Lima de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Early havana shipyard in the eighteenth century and the french influence
Serrano Alvarez, José Manuel·  | Spanish | Resumo · text in Spanish · Spanish (

People and landscapes in the Royal Society of London social sciences and British imperialism (1860-1918)
Llanos Reyes, Claudio·  | Spanish | Resumo · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Older forms of business: troops of trade in Diamantina in the middle of the 20th Century
Lopes, Marcos Antônio; Martins, Marcos Lobato·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Ethnohistory and indigenous history: questions about concepts, methods and relevance of research
Cavalcante, Thiago Leandro Vieira·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Tradition and rhetorical image: a building of opposition visual advertising in São Paulo 1932 revolt
Rodrigues, João Paulo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

School memory and culture: the photographic image in survey of primary school from Curitiba
Bencostta, Marcus Levy·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


Les larmes de Rio: Le dernier jour d’une capitale (20 avril 1960)
Lemes, Fernando Lobo· Texto completo ·

Caricatura y poder político: Crítica, censura y represión en la ciudad de México, 1876-1888
Costa, Alexandre Andrade da· Texto completo ·

História. Assis/Franca, v.29, n.2, Dec. 2010.


Texto completo ·

Dossiê: História e Militarismo

The fragility in the Brazil’s defense policy
Winand, Érica; Saint-Pierre, Héctor Luis·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The naval military formation-Brazil-Argentina in the context of cooperation in the South Atlantic: views on regional situation
Silveira, Cláudio de Carvalho·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Militarism in Uruguay
Mathias, Suzeley Kalil; VALES, Tiago Pedro·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The formation of an army in Brazilian way: corporate disputes and institutional adaptation
Seidl, Ernesto·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Police picture: a profile of the policemen in São Paulo (1868-1896)
Rosemberg, André·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Aspects of adhesion of women to the military values: marriage and military family
Adão, Maria Cecília de Oliveira·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The origins of national security doctrine: the war college
Oliveira, Nilo Dias de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Reverse asymmetric warfare
Friede, Reis·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


The discursive battle of representatives in march de 1964
Mendonça, Daniel de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Standardizations, control and discipline: TFP as total institution (1960-1995)
Zanotto, Gizele·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The monster ball: the myth of the peace of westphalia in the history of modern international relations
Jesus, Diego Santos Vieira de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Aspects of the birthrate in midwestern “paulista” settlement, 19th century
Fernandes, Edson·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Demos with the colossus on the ground: the decline of José Bonifácio and the political rise of Aureliano Coutinho in the pages of the newspaper “A Verdade” (The Truth)
Bentivoglio, Julio·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Work relationship and its regulations in Brazil since the revolution of 1930
Luz, Alex Faverzani da; Santin, Janaína Rigo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Toltec invasion in Chichén Itzá’s city? A new interpretation of questions from material culture of the “Terras Maias Baixas do Norte”
Navarro, Alexandre Guida·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Information and politics in the beginning of the São Paulo press: the “Farol Paulistano” (Paulistano Lighthouse) (1827-1831)
Oliveira, Carlos Eduardo França de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Paths of captivity: the experience of slaves and freedmen in Castro (1800-1830)
Portela, Bruna Marina·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


Religião e controle social no mundo romano: a proibição das Bacanais em 186 a.C. Conferência do I Colóquio Internacional e III Colóquio Nacional do LEIR (Laboratório de estudos sobre o Império Romano) da Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho (UNESP), Campus Franca. Setembro de 2010
Junqueira, Nathalia Monseff·  | Resumo · Texto completo

História. Assis/Franca, v.29, n.1, 2010.


Texto completo ·

Dossiê: História e Religiosidades

From a grave sin to a sin that is intrinsically grave: the fundamentalist radicalization of catholic homophobia from the era of the Inquisition to Benedict XVI
Mott, Luiz·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Antifanaticism brigades: the invention of the religious tolerance
Lopes, Marcos Antônio·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Saint Vincent de Paul Society: Catholic charity to the social problems?
Silva, Cláudia Neves da; Lanza, Fabio·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

From the archives of persecution to the stories of martyrs: hagiography, memory and propaganda in Roman North Africa
Oliveira, Julio Cesar Magalhães de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Open city, without walls: the Resumo-Brazilian religion in the travel literature (XVIII-XIX centuries)
Torrão Filho, Amilcar·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Space and social distinction: Catholicism in the Province of Sergipe, Brazil
Andrade Júnior, Péricles Morais de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

From sacred place to dancing venue: the medieval churches in Norwich
Martino, Luís Mauro Sá·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The functions of the Last Judgement as religious image
Quírico, Tamara·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The places and ways which celebrate a beatified person: going on a pilgrimage for the Cause of the canonization of José de Anchieta
Fleck, Eliane Cristina Deckmann; Kasper, Rafael·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Clerical Conjugalities in the Diocese in the State of Goiás, Brazil, 1824-1907
Silva, Maria da Conceição; Moreira, Wellington Coelho·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Letters, Constitutions and Rules of the Master Sisters of the Saint Dorothy Religious Institute: sources of historical research for the study of Paula Frassinetti’s pedagogical intuitions and of the constitution of the education project of the Dorothean Schools
Sene, Luciana de Oliveira; Costa, Alessandra David Moreira da·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Politico-religious conflict and discursive clash between Eunomius of Cizic and Basil of Caesarea: application of the manual of Aristotle
Papa, Helena Amália·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Beyond Salvador and the Recôncavo baiano: cult to the saints in Resumo America
Santana, Tânia Maria Pinto de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


In the shade of a master: Gilberto Freyre reader of Euclides da Cunha
Nicolazzi, Fernando·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Hayden White and historical pluralism
Kern, Daniela·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The absence of the Resumo World Congress in the essay, History of Brazil by Afranio Peixoto
Vieira, Cleber Santos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Local authorities and Italian immigrants: conflicts and consensus
Luchese, Terciane Ângela·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The present: temporality in journalism and its consequences
Dalmonte, Edson Fernando·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Women and the Brazilian Academy of Letters
Fanini, Michele Asmar·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Culture enthusiasts: book universe and its representations in the letters of the Centro Cultural Euclides da Cunha
Lopes, Itamar Cardozo; Denipoti, Cláudio·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Professional development in Brazil: the role of the National Service of Industrial Training – SENAI
Silva, Luciano Pereira da·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

A “distinct bibliographer and bibliophile”: Capistrano de Abreu, publisher of historical documents
Santos, Pedro Afonso Cristovão dos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


Memoria e Identidad
Silva, Wilton C. L.· Texto completo ·

Uma “outra” São Paulo da década de 1930
Pereira, Vantuil· Texto completo ·

Historiadores chilenos frente al bicentenario
Lara, Martín· text in Spanish · Spanish (


Elitismo cultural e “democratização da cultura” no Império Romano Tardio
Carrié, Jean-Michel· abstract in Resumo · Texto completo ·

História. Assis/Franca, v.28, n.2, 2009.


Silva, Wilton C. L.; Carvalho, Margarida Maria de· Texto completo ·

Dossiê: História, direito e justiça

History and political cultures: the legal conceptions evoked by the military governments while score of getting legitimacy
Silva, Márcia Pereira da·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Medieval political theories and principles of construction of unit
Fernandes, Fátima Regina·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Conference in Washington (1951) and the historical roots of a new standard Brazilian diplomatic
Dalio, Danilo José; Miyamoto, Shiguenoli·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The mass and the factory: attempts to control the spaces of São Paulo churches by their colonial bishops (1745 -1796)
Zanon, Dalila·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Argentinean native-american confederations in action: politics, commerce and territories (1852-1859)
Passetti, Gabriel·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The African history in schools Brazilian: between the legislation and lived, the eyes of the educational law specialists (1995-2006)
Oliva, Anderson Ribeiro·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Light, laws and liberalism: conflicts in the São Paulo’s electric light sector during the beninning of the 20th century
Saes, Alexandre Macchione·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Scientific perception of Law
Friede, Reis·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

“A eloqüência farfalhante da tribuna do júri”: the people’s court and the law in Nelson Hungria
Sontag, Ricardo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

When the Private has a Public interest: the foundation and the institutional trajectory of the Faculdade de Direito de Porto Alegre (1900-1937)
Grijó, Luiz Alberto·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Freemen, slaves and the construction of a modern concept of criminality in Brazil Imperial
Ferreira, Ricardo Alexandre·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Beyond order: daily prison life in Nineteenth-Century Bahia according to prisoners’ correspondence
Trindade, Cláudia Moraes·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

“A good stimulus to regeneration”: the State Penitentiary and the new strategies of the order in Curitiba in the First Republic
Gruner, Clóvis·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Adoption: legal and social practices in Luso-Brazilian Empire (XVIII-XIX)
Moreno, Alessandra Zorzetto·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

In the labyrinths of the law: the rhetoric of agrarian reform in the Democratic State – Brazil 1995/2006
Silva, Jeanne·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Diplomats, journalists, spies and publicists: the Mexican-Bolshevik campaign in Latin America
Yankelevich, Pablo·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

The Brazilian delegation in the making of the Bretton Woods International Agreements (1942-1944)
Barreiros, Daniel de Pinho·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Abundance of currency and financial crisis in Rome: legal and economic issues around interest rates at the time of Augustus and Tiberius
Gaia, Deivid Valério·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


History and good citizenship in Livian Rome
Lima, Marinalva Vilar de; Cordão, Michelly Pereira de Sousa·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The mestizo desert: the backlands and their inhabitants in travel records from the early 19TH century
Miranda, Luiz Francisco Albuquerque de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Europeanization and / or africanization of Medieval Spain: european cultural diversity and unity in discussion
Silveira, Aline Dias da·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The wet nurse and the baby: reflections about the erasure of a face
Stancik, Marco Antonio·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Images, games, rituals and spaces: the socio-cultural interactions between elites and popular sectors during the interwar. The unculture in Rosario (Argentina)
Roldán, Diego P.·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

University, freedom and politics in the medieval commune: a study of official letters
Oliveira, Terezinha·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Notes about military reform in the Spanish transition
Mathias, Suzeley Kalil·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The bureaucracy in Brazil: the foundations of the national administration in historical perspective (1920-1945)
Paiva, Carlos Henrique Assunção·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

“Vultures” in “eagles”‘ turbulence: Tavares Bastos, bank question and the struggles in Olinda Cabinet
Abreu, Eide Sandra Azevedo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Intellectuals and press: the configuration of an Hispanic-American network in the Atlantic space
Beired, José Luis Bendicho·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Under the Shadow of José Carlos Mariátegui: socialism and leftist political movements in Peru (1960-1980)
Pinheiro, Marcos Sorrilha·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


Telling Children about the Past: an interdisciplinary perspective.
Funari, Raquel dos Santos· Texto completo ·

Profissão Artista: pintoras e escultoras acadêmicas brasileiras
Fanini, Michele Asmar· Texto completo ·

Mussolini e a ascensão do fascismo.
Gonçalves, Marcos· Texto completo ·

As religiões que o mundo esqueceu: como egípcios, gregos, celtas, astecas e outros povos cultuavam seus deuses
Marquetti, Flávia Regina· Texto completo ·

Siegfried Kracauer: penseur de l´histoire
Machado, Carlos Eduardo J.· Texto completo ·

História. Assis/Franca, v.28 n.1, 2009.


Carvalho, Margarida Maria de; Silva, Wilton C. L.· Texto completo ·

Dossiê: Império Português

Crossing the seas: a historian of the Resumo Empire comes face to face with the “Atlantic History”
Russell-Wood, A.J.R.·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

In the far-flung corners of the Resumo overseas Empire: the island experience of Sao Tome and Principe at the beginning of the 19th century
Brilhante, Neuma·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The birth of Resumo America in the context of imperial lusitania: theoretical considerations regarding differences between recent historiography and History teaching
Siqueira, Lucília·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

An America unknown
França, Susani Silveira Lemos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Reform and prophecy: the activity of D. Gaspar de Leão, the Archbishop of Goa and mystic
Faria, Patricia Souza de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Before Brazil existed: the Resumo in India from the Crown’s strategies to individual tactics
Doré, Andréa·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Businessmen: social vocabulary, distinction and commercial activities in Minas Gerais during the 1700s
Rodrigues, Aldair Carlos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The sugar populace: free people in the recovery of the Resumo jurisdiction of the captaincy of Pernambuco – Brazil 17th to 18th centuries
Silva, Kalina Vanderlei·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Under the Mask of Colonial. Birth and “decadence” of a vila in modern Brazil; Vila Boa de Goias in the 18th Century
Vidal, Laurent·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

“Africa in Portugal”: slavery, religious devotion and black brotherhoods during the 18
Reginaldo, Lucilene·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Catechesis and Civilization of native Indians in the “Sertões” of the Resumo empire in the 18
Ribeiro, Núbia Braga·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Environment and culture in the captaincies of the brazilian colonial northeast: nationalism and reforms illustrated in the work of the nature explorer, manuel arruda da câmara (1793-1814)
Aguiar, José Otávio; Buriti, Catarina de Oliveira·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Local power and the urban network in the Mines of the State of Goias, Brazil
Lemes, Fernando Lobo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Resumo and political experiences: the struggle and the bread: Sao Paulo 1870-1945
Matos, Maria Izilda Santos de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Gilberto Freyre e a intelligentsia salazarista em defesa do Império Colonial Português (1951 – 1974)
Pinto, João Alberto da Costa·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

A “flight” between Portugal and Brazil: readings of the Luso-Brazilian relations in the Seara Nova magazine in the early 1920s
Miranda, Luciana Lilian de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


Contemporary times and private lives: an interdisciplinary look into Brazil
Silva, Marcos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Passages from Roman Antiquity to the Middle Ages: historiographic lectures of a transition period
Barros, José D’Assunção·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Historical Archaeology and the heritage problem: discussions about preservation, tourism and heritage education in the Vale do Taquari – Rio Grande do Sul
Machado, Neli T. Galarce; Lopes, Sérgio Nunes; Gheno, Diego Antônio·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Exclusion and criminality in the kingdom of Castile: the jew in the Siete Partidas (Seven-Part Code) of Alfonso X
Feldman, Sergio Alberto·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

“Theirs is the Kingdom of God”: evangelical children’s media and the religious cultural supermarket in Brazil (1950s to 2000s)
Bellotti, Karina Kosicki·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The best friend of the king: the image of the perfect privanza (favorite) in the Hispanic Monarchy of the 17
Oliveira, Ricardo de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The politico-cultural importance of the Revolt of the Statues in the Homilies about the Statues by John Chrysostom
Silva, Érica Cristhyane Morais da·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Simon Bolivar’s correspondence and its presence in literature: an analysis of The General in His Labyrinth by Gabriel Garcia Márquez
Fredrigo, Fabiana de Souza·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


Facetas do Império na História: conceitos e métodos
Luz, Guilherme Amaral· Texto completo ·

Os carnavais de rua e dos clubes na cidade de São Paulo: metamorfoses de uma festa (1923-1938)
Barreiro, José Carlos· Texto completo ·

A invenção de Goa: poder imperial e conversões culturais nos séculos XVI e XVII
Moura, Denise A. Soares de· Texto completo ·

História. Assis/Franca, v.27, n.2, 2008.


Silva, Wilton C. L.; Carvalho, Margarida Maria de· Texto completo ·

Dossiê: Patrimônio Histórico

Ética, capitalismo e arqueologia pública no Brasil
Funari, Pedro Paulo A.; Robrahn-González, Erika M.·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Restauro arquitetônico: a formação do arquiteto no Brasil para preservação do patrimônio edificado
Farah, Ana Paula·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Entre o uso social e o abuso comercial: as percepções do patrimônio cultural subaquático no Brasil
Rambelli, Gilson·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Os museus e o patrimônio histórico: uma relação complexa
Carlan, Claudio Umpierre·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

O estatuto da cidade e os instrumentos de política urbana para proteção do patrimônio histórico: outorga onerosa e transferência do direito de construir
Santin, Janaína Rigo; Marangon, Elizete Gonçalves·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

O Centro de Documentação Musical da UFPel no horizonte da multidisciplinaridade: articulações entre musicologia histórica, gestão patrimonial e memória institucional
Cerqueira, Fábio Vergara; Michelon, Francisca Ferreira; Nogueira, Isabel Porto; Goldberg, Luiz Guilherme Duro; Ferreira, Maria Letícia Mazzuchi·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

A gestão do patrimônio imaterial brasileiro na contemporaneidade
Pelegrini, Sandra C. A.·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


Migraciones e Inmigraciones en las religiones: la diversidad religiosa en el Medioevo
Rodríguez, Gerardo·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Para além do Rio Grande: os impactos da economia paulista sobre O Triângulo Mineiro
Oliveira, Paulo Roberto de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

O papado avinhonense e os poderes civis: as décadas de 30 e de 40 do século XIV a partir de três obras de Guilherme de Ockham
Magalhães, Ana Paula Tavares·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Fotografia, história e vistas urbanas
Possamai, Zita Rosane·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


Diploma de brancura: política social e racial no Brasil (1917-1945)
Dávila, Jerry· Texto completo ·

História. Assis/Franca, v.27 n.1, 2008.

Carvalho, Margarida Maria de; Silva, Wilton C. L.· Texto completo ·

Introdução ao dossiê: França Antártica
Tostes, Vera Lúcia Bottrel· Texto completo ·

Dossiê:França Antártica

The French Antarctic and the creation of patterns pertaining to historical accounts concerning Brazil and Brazilians
França, Jean Marcel Carvalho·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The French Antarctic, the corsair, the conquest and “the lutheran malice”
Bicalho, Maria Fernanda B.·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Villegagnon: hero or villain?
Mariz, Vasco·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Estácio de Sa and the founding of Rio de Janeiro
Belchior, Elysio·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The memory of the French Antarctic
Lestringan, Frank·  | French · text in French · French (

History and fiction in the French Antarctic
Callado, Ana Arruda· Texto completo ·

In the sketch of the New World: the spaces and the individuals of the French Antarctic
Knauss, Paulo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Resumo settlement in Rio de Janeiro
Fernendes, Fernando Lourenço·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Writings, images and artifacts: or Thevet’s voyage to the French Antarctic
Raminelli, Ronald José·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Villegagnon & Cook: tupinamba and hawaiian
Osward, Christina·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Villegagnon or the tropical utopia
Elmalan, Serge· Texto completo ·

The exemplary crisis of the european Model in Latin America: the olden roots of the image of the french political and cultural model
Rolland, Denis·  | French · text in French · French (


The Mayan Civilization: historiographic and archeological contextualization
Navarro, Alexandre Guida·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


Édipo Rei de Sófocles
Funari, Pedro Paulo Abreu· Texto completo ·

Imagens do Egito antigo: um estudo de representações históricas
Garraffoni, Renata Senna· Texto completo ·

História. Assis/Franca, v.26 n.2, 2007.


Texto completo ·

 Dossiê: História e Cultura Visual

Historical and aesthetic photoappreciation: a great challenge in between analog and digital production
Nasr, Rebeca Monroy·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

The photo-journalistic itinerary of Agustín Victor Casasola, 1901-1910
Escorza Rodríguez, Daniel·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

The anonymous heroes of the Mexican Revolution on glossy paper : the juan and the soldadera as symbols of “mexicanity”
Gautreau, Marion·  | French · text in French · French (

Photography in the first decades of the twentieth century as reported by São Paulo state daily press: O Estado de S. Paulo
Madio, Telma Campanha de Carvalho·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Representations of Modern Brazil to read, to see and to hear in the circuit of the European Museums Trade, from 1906 to 1908
Borges, Maria Eliza Linhares·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Power techniques, disciplines for observation: some aspects of the making of “modern journalism” in Brazil
Biroli, Flávia·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Pictures of the Mexican Revolution: cinema and politics in documentary records
Bragança, Maurício de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

An esthetics of precariousness: migration and intercultural exchanges in the cinema of Ozualdo Candeias (1967-92)
Teles, Ângela Aparecida·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Tudo Bem and nacional-popular in Brazil of the 70’s
Garcia, Tânia da Costa·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Sport, futurism and modernity
Melo, Victor Andrade de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The muralistic brigades from chilean experience: political propaganda and revolutionary imaginary
Dalmás, Carine·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Inventory and cultural patrimony in the Brazil
Nogueira, Antonio Gilberto Ramos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The perception in the landscape transformation: the farmers in the deforestation of Engenheiro Beltrão – Paraná, 1948-1970
Carvalho, Ely Bergo de; Nodari, Eunice Sueli·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Malinche, the Virgin and the mountain: the identity game in the tlaxcaltecas’ codices
Navarrete, Federico·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Images and figures of a dreaming king: representations of Ourique’s miracle and Afonso Henriques’ oath in the 17TH century
Lima, Luís Filipe Silvério·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


Between the closing and the opening: the path of the “PC do B” from the Araguaia guerrilla to the New Republic (1974-1985)
Sales, Jean Rodrigues·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Charity exercise as prestige space and social control tool, in the centre and south of Buenos Aires province at the end of nineteenth century
Trueba, Yolanda de Paz·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Reality and national conscience: the political meaning of modernism
Faria, Daniel·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


A guerra das imagens: de Cristóvão Colombo a Blade Runner (1492-2019)
Langer, Johnni· Texto completo ·

Frontier Goiás, 1822-1889
Barreiro, José Carlos· Texto completo ·

História. Assis/Franca, v.26 n.1, 2007.


Garcia, Tânia da Costa; Barbosa, Carlos Alberto Sampaio· Texto completo ·

Dossiê: História Antiga

Os avanços da História Antiga no Brasil: algumas ponderações
Carvalho, Margarida Maria de; Funari, Pedro Paulo A.· Texto completo ·

Septimius Severus and the Pertinaces’ Consecratio: death and power rithuals
Gonçalves, Ana Teresa Marques·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Mythology: methodological approach for the Classic Antiquity Historian
Rossi, Andrea Lúcia Dorini de Oliveira Carvalho·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Imperial State and the minor Empires
Faversani, Fábio·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The public image of the musician and the music in classical antiquity: despise or admiration?
Cerqueira, Fábio Vergara·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Asceticism, gender and power in the Late Roman Empire: Palladius and the status of the holy women
Silva, Gilvan Ventura da·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The ancient world under contemporary lens: right wing extremists in France in 80s and 90s, or, about the instrumentalism of Antiquity
Silva, Glaydson José da·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Image in judaism: aspects of indentity “aniconism”
Rocha, Ivan Esperança·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Violence as a show: bread, blood and circus
Guarinello, Norberto Luiz·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The bandits among romans: the elite’s texts and popular perceptions
Garraffoni, Renata Senna·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


History of the paramilitarismo in Colombia
Rivera, Edgar de Jesús Velásquez·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Plotting lives of distinct Brazilians with scrupulous accuracy: biography, scholarship and writing of history in the Historical and Geographical Brazilian Institute Review (1839-1850)
Oliveira, Maria da Glória de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


Amor e Sexualidade: o masculino e o feminino em grafites de Pompéia
Carlan, Cláudio Umpierre· Texto completo ·

Imagens do poder em Sêneca: estudo sobre o De Clementia
Joly, Fábio Duarte· Texto completo ·

Gladiadores na Roma Antiga: dos combates às paixões cotidianas
Silva, Maria Aparecida de Oliveira· Texto completo ·

História. Assis/Franca, v.25, n.2, 2006.


Texto completo ·

Dossiê: Cultura e Política

From Belvedere’s Apollo to the Tupinambá warrior: ethnography and renaissance conventions
Chicangana-Bayona, Yobenj Aucardo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Notes on Siegfried Kracauer, Walter Benjamin and Second Empire Paris: affinity points
Machado, Carlos Eduardo Jordão·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The republican calendar and the civic celebration of the discovery of Brazil in 1890: versions of history and positivist activism
Leal, Elisabete da Costa·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Culture and politics in Henfil’s cartoons
Pires, Maria da Conceição Francisca·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The timely moment: Kairós, an opposition publisher
Maués, Flamarion·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

History, art and politics: the muralism of the Bolivian Miguel Alandia Pantoja
Andrade, Everaldo de Oliveira·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Cinema and social transformation: Santa Fé’s cinematographic institute
Lima, Mônica Cristina Araujo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


Alexandre de Gusmão (1695-1753) and the taxation of the mines of Brazil
Menezes, Sezinando Luiz·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Juridical institutes, agrarian property and economic development in José da Silva Lisboa’s thought (1829)
Pereira, José Flávio; Pereira, Lupércio Antônio·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Crushing the Hydra of the discord: the framing of the thought exalted by the mining moderation
Silva, Wlamir·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The new-liberal Europe trap
Prévotaux, Julien·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


De costumbres y leyes: abigeato y derechos de propiedad en Chihuahua durante el porfiriato
Ribeiro, Edméia· Texto completo ·

História. Assis/Franca, v.25 n.1, 2006.


Texto completo ·

Dossiê: Trabalho e Sociedade nas Américas

Indigenuous work in the controlling dynamics of 17th century Maynas domination in Maranhão
Torres-Londoño, Fernando·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The guarani jesuitic missions in the context of Enlightenment
Domingues, Beatriz Helena·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Methodological and economic contributions to the Texas presidiary system, 1720-1772
Álvarez, José Manuel Serrano; Kuethe, Allan J.·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Lands owners and slaves in Paraná: patterns and hierarchies in the early nineteenth century
Gutiérrez, Horacio·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Social importance of work in the 19th century Mexico
Ojeda, Pedro Miranda·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

The Colour Solidarity Networks: the case of the ‘compadres’ Manoel and Laurino
Vellasco, Ivan de Andrade·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Contemporary Argentine Society Constitution: society and Work between 1880 and 1920
Ferreras, Norberto O.·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Workers’ Colligation of Santos ceased the apathy
Karepovs, Dainis·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


The Latin America history at Desarrollo Económico magazine in the sixties years of the last century
Reichel, Heloisa Jochims; Broniczack, Ana Paula da Silva; Ehlert, Débora·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Patronage, clientele, and political networks: the apparent duration of a concept within Brazilian political history
Cunha, Alexandre Mendes·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


A geografia do crime: violência nas Minas Setecentistas
Oliveira, Rodrigo Leonardo de Sousa· Texto completo ·

História & Natureza
Carvalho, Ely Bergo de· Texto completo ·

A História Escrita: teoria e história da historiografia
Zanirato, Silvia Helena· Texto completo ·

História. Assis/Franca, v.24 n.2, 2005.

Texto completo ·

History – Perspectives

Towards a new historical conceptualization of the world working class
Linden, Marcel van der·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Flávio Damn, profession press photographer
Mauad, Ana Maria·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The writing of the history of the theater in Brazil: thematic questions and methodological aspects
Patriota, Rosangela·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Suetonius and the senatorial historiographical tradition: a reading of the Life of Nero
Joly, Fábio Duarte·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The researches of political ideas in XVIII century at Resumo kingdom: Brazilian historiography perspectives
Oliveira, Eduardo Romero de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

History and historiography in the letters of Capistrano de Abreu
Gontijo, Rebeca·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Morality and justice in ancient history: Luciano de Samósata’s “manual” on historiography
Leme Lopes, André·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

In the name of the father, not in the patriarch’s: essay on the limits of impartiality in the Varnhagen’s works
Cezar, Temístocles·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


Between diplomacy and letters: a sketch of Manuel de Oliveira Lima’s search for a Brazilian identity
Enslen, Joshua Alma·  | Resumo · text in English · English (

Local power and the functioning of the vicinal of the commerce in the city of São Paulo (1765-1822)
Moura, Denise A Soares de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Fragments of a model: the small farmings of coffee and accumulation of capitals. Franca/São Paulo 1890-1914
Tosi, Pedro Geraldo; Faleiros, Rogério Naques; Teodoro, Rodrigo da Silva·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


O charme da ciência e a sedução da objetividade
Faria, Daniel· Texto completo ·

História. Assis/Franca, v.24 no.1 Franca 2005.

Texto completo ·

Historiographical Debates

History of International Relations in Brazil: a summarize field evaluation
Santos, Norma Breda dos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Balaiada: construction of an historical memory
Janotti, Maria de Lourdes Monaco·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Translating the debate: the usage of gender category in the historical research
Pedro, Joana Maria·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Independences of Brazil: theoretical reflections on historiographical perspectives
Malerba, Jurandir·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

History and Social Sciences: frontier zones
Silva, Fernando Teixeira da·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Clergy, nobility and crown in Decadência
Liu, Yi·  | Resumo · text in English · English (

The significance of History
Turner, Frederick Jackson·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


Lack of culture and criminality: stereotypes about child, youth and peasant education in the 19th century
Pimentel Filho, José Ernesto·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Contribution of Epigraphy to the study of Roman gladiators during the Early Empire
Garraffoni, Renata Senna·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


Brasil: formação do Estado e da Nação
Ribeiro Júnior, José· Texto completo ·

Corcundas e Constitucionais: a cultura política da Independência (1820-1822)
Silva, Karina da· Texto completo ·

História. Assis/Franca, v.23 no.1-2, 2004.

· Texto completo ·

History Teaching

History taught under memory empire: discipline history questions
Toledo, Maria Aparecida Leopoldino Tursi·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The political and economical aspects of the History textbook circulation and its implications with the curriculum
Cassiano, Célia Cristina de Figueiredo·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Reforming the teaching of History: lessons of continuity
Rodrigues, Elaine·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Reading strategies and reading comprehension: contributions to the teaching of History
Silva, Vitória Rodrigues e·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Macedo’s garrulity and the History of Brazil teaching
Moraes, Dislane Zerbinatti·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


América of the wish: nightmare, exoticism and dream
Cancelli, Elizabeth·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Hermann Gottlieb Dohms, a biographical profile
Dreher, Martin N.·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The tradition against political parties in Uruguay
Rilla, José·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

1968 as a turning point in historical thinking: changes in western historiography
Rojas, Carlos Antonio Aguirre·  | Resumo · text in English · English (

Political transition and the quotidian of São Paulo’s penitentiary
Góes, Eda Maria·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Dominators and dominated in Palestine of the first century
Rocha, Ivan Esperança·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


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História. Assis/Franca, v.22, n.2, 2003.

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Latin America

Radical hope and conservative despair in the independence of Spanish America
Prado, Maria Ligia Coelho·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The 1898’s symbol date: the Cuban Independence impact in Spain and Spanish America
Capelato, Maria Helena Rolim·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Tocqueville, Sarmiento and Alberdi: three visions on Democracy in Americas
Beired, José Luis Bendicho·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The battle of the heroes: Political leadership and American identity in Oliveira Lima and José Enrique Rodó
Santos, Fabio Muruci dos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Reading verses with the eyes of History: literature and Nation in Ricardo Rojas and Jorge Luis Borges
Funes, Patricia·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Borges and his contemporaneous streets
Pinto, Júlio Pimentel·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Building a reading Argentina: state schools, libraries and the publishing market in late -19th century and in the first half of 20th century
Soares, Gabriela Pellegrino·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

An uncommon visit: Fidel Castro in Allende’s Chile
Aggio, Alberto·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The right to identity: the restitution of appropriated children in the Southern Cone military dictatorships
Quadrat, Samantha Viz·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Historiographical Essays

History without cause? The new cultural History, the grand narrative and the postcolonial dilemma
Weinstein, Barbara·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Bandoleiros, cangaceiros e matreiros: Social Banditism historiography in Latin America reviewed
Ferreras, Norberto O.·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


A British traveller in Bahia
França, Jean Marcel Carvalho·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


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Texto completo ·

Texto completo ·

Texto completo ·

História. Assis/Franca, v.22 n.1, 2003.


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History and Other Languages

Photomontage as a political function
Fabris, Annateresa·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

From fantasy to History: unfolding sources inside magazines
Martins, Ana Luiza·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The invention of Brazil as the land of samba: the samba composers and their social affirmation
Paranhos, Adalberto·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Today it is necessary to reflect a little bit: social being and historical time on Chico Buarque de Hollanda’s songs. 1971/1978
Napolitano, Marcos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The tropicalist scene in Teatro Oficina, São Paulo
Patriota, Rosangela·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Staging History
Schvarzman, Sheila·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The construction of a Didactic of History: some ideas about the utilization of movie on teaching
Abud, Katia Maria·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


Um sopro de destruição: pensamento político e crítica ambiental no Brasil escravista (1786-1888)
Martinez, Paulo Henrique· Texto completo ·

Tasinafo, Célio Ricardo· Texto completo ·

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