Johannes Kepler: The Order of Things | Wolfgang Osterhage

Wolfgang Osterhage Johanes Kepler
Wolfgang Osterhage | Foto: Alfred Schmelzeisen/General Anzeiger (2015)

Placing order amid chaos is a fascinating proposition. In some episodes in history, the goal of organizing and attributing meaning to phenomena and, in this way, meeting the human desire to understand the world was treated seriously. Among the most famous names who glimpsed and pursued this purpose is Johannes Kepler (1571-1630). The book entitled Johannes Kepler: The Order of Things seeks to present this perspective. The author of this book, Wolfgang Osterhage, situates the events in Kepler’s life and his immense effort to find an order underlying all things. In this sense, the book, which belongs to the Springer Biographies series, is not only a biography; Osterhage intends to use Kepler’s life and achievements as a kind of catalyst for humanity’s effort to find order in environmental and cosmic events. Leia Mais