História. Assis/Franca, v.38, 2019.

Dossiê: A imprensa francófona nas Américas nos séculos XIX e XX

La Presse Francophone dans les Amériques au XIXe Siècle : état des travaux, premières considérations
Cooper-Richet, Diana· abstract in French | Resumo · text in French · French (

La presse francophone d’Amérique du Nord au XIXe siècle: jalons et périodisation
Pinson, Guillaume· abstract in French | Resumo · text in French · French (

Les almanachs francophones dans les Amériques: transferts, structures, évolutions
Lüsebrink, Hans-Jürgen· abstract in French | Resumo · text in French · French (

Francophone printed press in Brazil: transnational circulation and media culture in 19th and 20th centuries
Guimarães, Valéria dos Santos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

La Presse Francophone au Pérou au XIXe Siècle: une Histoire en pointillé
Riviale, Pascal· abstract in French | Resumo · text in French · French (

La presse française en Argentine
Oteiza Gruss, Viviane Inés· abstract in French | Resumo · text in French · French (

La presse francophone au Mexique: signes de globalisation
Santiago Gómez, Arnulfo Uriel de· abstract in French | Resumo · text in French · French (

Juan Lasserre: french immigrant and Río de la Plata journalist (1826-1850)
Moyano, Julio Eduardo·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Between neutrality and the patriotic commitment: the writings of Paul Groussac in Le Courrier de la Plata during the Great War
Sánchez, Emiliano Gastón·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Francophone immigrants in the origins of visual communication in the Argentine periodical press (1827-1870)
Ojeda, Alejandra Viviana·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Le feuilleton en tant que matrice du Patriote Français (Montevideo, 1843-1850)
Bolón, Alma· abstract in French | Resumo · text in French · French (

Criticism and sociability: the theatrical rubric of L’Écho de l’Amérique du Sud (1827-1828)
Gimenez, Priscila Renata·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Ambivalent Literature: Conceptual Challenges in The Study of Literature in Three Brazilian Francophone Newspapers (1857-1906)
Anjos, Yuri Cerqueira dos·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Mariátegui, Clarté’s subscriber
Tornquist, Carmen Susana·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Geografia: une expérience éditoriale transnationale aux premiers temps de L’Université de São Paulo et de L’Associação dos Geógrafos Brasileiros
Huerta, Antoine· abstract in French | Resumo · text in French · French (

Dossiê: Relações entre Crime e Gênero: um balanço

María Josefa De La Encarnación: Possessed and Mad before the Inquisitors of Lima, 1714-1719
Urra Jaque, Natalia·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Assassins for Passion: Infanticides in Rio de Janeiro, 1841-1936
Prada Merchán, Jhoana·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Accomplices and Executioners: Masculinities, Gender and Class in the Crimes of Infanticide (province of Buenos Aires, 1886-1921)
Calandria, Sol·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Crazies and Criminals: Female Crimes and Social Control in European Colonization Communities in Rio Grande do Sul (20th century)
Vendrame, Maíra Ines·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

But what is not a woman capable of, when she knows how to unleash the passions of men, and even put the stamp of religion and piety on crime? Gender and narrative in German immigration in Rio Grande do Sul
Gevehr, Daniel Luciano; Meyrer, Marlise Regina·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Neutral Territory: Juxtaposed Sovereignties and Duels of Honor at the Margins of The South American National States from the Middle of the 19th Century to the First Decades of the 20th Century
Thompson Flores, Mariana Flores da Cunha; Remedi, José Martinho Rodrigues·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Prostitution and police: women and men in the sights of the vice squad in Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil (c. 1920/1930)
Pereira, Lucas Carvalho Soares de Aguiar·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Judges, doctors and the sick: Practices and meanings in the social construction of the crime of venereal disease contagion in Argentina during the first half of the 20th century
Biernat, Carolina·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Notes on the Status of Black Women in Post-Abolition Barbados based on a case of Femicide
Rocha, Elaine·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

On the (dis)value of Life: Feminicide and Biopolitics
Maia, Cláudia·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Ethics of Monogamy and the Spirt of Feminicide: Marxism, Patriarchy and Adultery in Ancient Rome and in Current Brazil
Azevedo, Sarah Fernandes Lino de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Women, Public Policies and Fight Against Gender Violence
Vigano, Samira de Moraes Maia; Laffin, Maria Hermínia Lage Fernandes·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Artigos Livres

“The time of the freedmen”: conflicts and Litigation around the Free Womb Law in the Rio de la Plata (1813-1860)
Candioti, Magdalena·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Writing, Lights, Nation and Empire in the texts and paratexts of 18th Century Brazilian born writers and translators
DeNipoti, Cláudio Luiz·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Olga’s struggle for her rights: immigration, health and women’s labor in Pelotas, RS (in the 1940s)
Gill, Lorena Almeida·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Pirates vs. Press Gangs: The Battle for the Atlantic
Brunsman, Denver·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English ( ) |

Representations on the biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest in the reports of nineteenth-century travelers and scientists
Schwarz, Maria Luiza; Coelho, Ilanil·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The Pan-Africanist debate in the journal Présence Africaine (1956 -1963)
Barbosa, Muryatan Santana·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

A fighter journalist: Clovis Moura, Flama and the PCB’s cultural politics (1951-1952)
Malatian, Teresa·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Between tropical Yeomanry and colonial Trobrianders: origins and debates on the historiography of Brazil’s colonial background
Lopes, Gustavo Acioli·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

The reception of the work and legacy of Gandhi in colonial Portugal: between peace and war
Melo, Daniel·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Nobody teaches History… but everyone learns a little with it: a reflection on the goals of History in High School
Mello, Ricardo Marques de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

L’Iride Italiana: Italianity in the nineteenth-century Brazil
Silva, Gisele Batista da·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Railway photography and technology: analysis of the photographic record of Brazilian railway in the 19th century
Oliveira, Eduardo Romero de·  | Resumo · text in English | Resumo · English

Continuity or disconnection regarding the 68 Movement and the incubation period of the far-left armed violence in Italy
Re, Matteo·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

There’s no flowers when women´s rights are disrespected: Purple Hibiscus, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Gomes, Márcia Letícia; Barbosa, Xênia de Castro·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

German immigration, ethnicity and professional identity: colonization in Joinville (Dona Francisca), province of Santa Catarina. 1851-1889
Brepohl, Marion Dias; Nadalin, Sergio Odilon·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

Contributions to the Study of the First World War, 1914-1918: Memories of the Fighter Pilots
Arguelhes, Delmo de Oliveira; Avila, Carlos Federico Domínguez·  | Spanish · text in Spanish · Spanish (

Records of an Exile: Subjectivity and Political Learning in the Travel Diary of Francisco de Paula Santander (1829-1832)
Fedrigo, Fabiana de Souza; Bittencourt, Libertad Borges·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·


Novo Mundo e Modernidade: debates e estudos sobre a colonização das Américas na Idade Moderna
Sá, Charles Nascimento de· Texto completo ·


The catalogue of Queen Carlota Joaquina´s library
Sousa, Moizeis Sobreira de·  | Resumo · Texto completo ·

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