After American Studies: Rethinking the Legacies of Transnational Exceptionalism | Jeffrey Herlihy-Mera

After American Studies, by Jeffrey Herlihy-Mera of the Universidad de Puerto Rico, is a critical Cultural-Studies examination of the foundational theses in the Transnational Turn in American Studies. However, it is aimed, at the same time, to rethink and deconstruct some of the key tenets of the field. Indeed, After American Studies engages a post-national and post-cultural argument, the core of which provides important nuance to the transnational turn.

The book is comprised of an introduction and nine chapters, parts of which were previously published in academic journals. Herlihy-Mera’s purpose is made clear in the Introduction: “After American Studies is a critique of national and transnational approaches to community, their forms of belonging and patriation, and initiates a theoretical gesture toward new considerations of postgeographic and postcultural communities” (p. 1). Leia Mais