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The Journal of Social Science Education (2002-) is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal which publishes high-quality articles on teaching and learning in the interdisciplinary field of social science education. The JSSE is a quarterly with thematic issues which, nevertheless, also runs a permanent open call.

In addition to its focus on original research papers, the JSSE welcomes other contributions including research notes, essays, reports about debates and developments, country studies, conference reports, case studies or lesson reports, reviews and review essays.

The JSSE is edited by Reinhold Hedtke, Bielefeld, Mehmet Açıkalın, Istanbul, Ian Davies, York, Tilman Grammes, Hamburg, Olga Bombardelli, Trento, Isabel Menezes, Porto, and Birgit Weber, Cologne.

The Journal of Social Science Education (JSSE) was founded in order to offer the disciplines in the field of social science education a representative scholarly publication. The journal represents a sophisticated image that is characterised by its theory and research orientation, interdisciplinary approach, internationalism and originality as well as by a rigorous anonymous peer review.

Theory and research orientation: The Journal of Social Science Education (JSSE) is a theory and research oriented journal of social science education and related disciplines and fields. Theoretical discussions on education, teaching and learning and related empirical research, whether qualitative or quantitative, are its centre of interest. Of course, scholarly perspectives on practices of teaching and learning and the discussion of policies, empirical results, and research methods are included.

Interdisciplinary approach: The JSSE promotes the dialogue among the disciplines of social science education and between them and the social sciences. It is committed to the ideas of cooperation and interdisciplinary research and communication. Therefore, the editors of the JSSE prefer topics which are relevant for more than one specialist discipline of social science education or social sciences.

Internationality and focus on Europe: The JSSE aims to provide a forum for the dialogue across national borders and puts a particular stress on a European perspective and on research on and practices of European and neighbouring countries. That is why the journal prefers themes that are of multinational or supranational, especially European relevance and papers that deal with topics related to the diverse discourses in Europe.

Originality: The editors prefer contributions that stimulate and enrich the scholarly discourse with their originality and innovativeness, develop new concepts, apply unconventional research methods or transcend borders of conventional discourses.

Quality standards: Papers submitted to the Journal of Social Science Education are entered into a rigorous double-blind peer-review process, normally read by at least two editors, assessed for suitability and then reviewed by two independent, anonymous expert referees. The editors’ decision will be final. The editors reserve the right to decline articles if they are judged as inconsistent with the editorial policy.

The Journal of Social Science Education is published quarterly.

JSSE provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

ISSN 1618-5293

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