América Latina en la Historia Económica | IIJMLM | 1994

America Latina en la Historia Economica
América Latina en la Historia Económica – ALHE (Cidade do México (1994-) is a periodical research publication edited since 1994 by the Instituto de Investigaciones Dr. José M. Luis Mora. The objective of ALHE journal is to publish original research related to cognitive innovation, historiography, interdisciplinary studies and comparative analysis. Likewise the journal offers reviews on the most recent publications related to the History of the American Continent. América Latina en la Historia Económica constitutes a plural space for dialog between diverse historiographic approaches. The publication seeks to consolidate research fields as well as updating and diversifying the perspectives on Latin American Economic History in order to preserve the region’s critical tradition. Three-times-a-year publication.

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ISSN 1405-2253

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